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If you would like to contact WARUCC, please feel free to contact:

James D'Arcy, WARUCC President



Other Key Contacts: 

Past President




Jeff Adams






Edward Aaron Cunningham

British Columbia Member-at-Large

Michael Becir


Alberta Member-at-Large

LeeAnn Bainbridge


Saskatchewan Member-at-Large

Barb Elich


Manitoba Member-at-Large

Andrea McDaniel


Newsletter Editor

Coby Stephenson


Website Administrator

Coby Stephenson


Western Representative to ARUCC

Jeff Adams



WARUCC Electronic Discussion List

WARUCC is an electronic forum directed to those working in Registrar's Offices and related student services areas. It is intended to provide and promote the sharing of information, experience, policies, procedures, advice about issues affecting registrarial personnel and posting/distributing of job opportunities related to this profession.  

To send a message to WARUCC members on this listserv, please send an email with the desired content and subject line of the email to any member of the WARUCC executive and the email will be sent as soon as possible to the membership.

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